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November 6, 2018 Democratic candidates

The following Democrats will be on Lakewood voters' ballots for the 2018 general election. You may vote for all of the Democratic candidates for judicial offices, but please note that the ballot will not identify judicial candidates' party.

Sherrod Brown for US Senate

Marcy Kaptur for US House

Richard Cordray for Ohio Governor

Betty Sutton for Lieutenant Governor

Kathleen Clyde for Secretary of State

Steve Dettelbach for Attorney General

Rob Richardson for Treasurer

Zack Space for Auditor

Nickie Antonio for Ohio Senate

Michael Skindell for Ohio House

For Ohio Supreme Court:

Melody Stewart for Ohio Supreme Court

Michael Donnelly for Ohio Supreme Court

For Court of Appeals District 8:

Frank Celebrezze, Jr.

Michelle Sheehan

Eileen Gallagher

Mary Boyle

For Court of Common Pleas:

Joseph Russo

Ashley Kilbane

William McGinty

Timothy McCormick

John O'Donnell

Daniel Gaul

James Satola

John Sutula

Emily Hagan

Shirley Strickland-Saffold

Deborah Turner

Cassandra Collier-Williams

For Court of Common Pleas, Juvenile Division

Jennifer O'Malley

Alison Floyd

Thomas O'Malley

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